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  1. Busdriver Violitionist Session


    Busdriver - “Utilitarian Uses of Love”

    "This freedom it tastes funny / I am a case study"

  2. Busdriver - Utilitarian Uses of Love

    Today the good people at Potholes in my Blog debuted the astoundingly trippy video for Busdriver's “Utilitarian Uses of Love” from his most recent album Beaus$Eros. The video was directed and edited by Chris Coats of The Masses, who also created the twisted video for "Kiss Me Back To Life"
    Below are his upcoming fall tour dates, beginning with a month in Europe and then a tour of mostly southern US dates with fellow Hellfyre Club members Nocando & Open Mike Eagle. 
    Sept 9 - Tampere, Finland - Klubi
    Sept 12 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Huset KBH
    Sept 13 - Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
    Sept 14 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival w. Mogwai, Buzzcocks, Damo Suzuki and more
    Sept 15 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
    Sept 17 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
    Sept 18 - Darmstadt, Germany - Öttinger Villa
    Sept 19 - Cologne, Germany - Tsunami
    Sept 20 - Bruxelles, Belgium - Madame Moustache
    Sept 21 - Metz, France - Zikamine Festival w. Breton, Benny Sings and more
    Sept 22 - Bern, Switzerland - Dachstock
    Sept 23 - Moscow, Russia - TBA
    Oct 11 — Oakland — New Parish w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 12 — Los Angeles — The Bootleg w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 13 — San Diego — The Griffin w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle 
    Oct 14 — Tucson, AZ — Plush w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 16 — Austin, TX — Mohawk Jr. w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 17 — Denton, TX — Rubber Gloves w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 18 — Houston, TX — Fitzgerald’s w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 19 — Baton Rouge — The Spanish Moon w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 20 — Atlanta — Club 529 w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 22 — Oklahoma City, OK — Opolis w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 23 — ABQ, NM — TBA w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 24 — Phoenix, AZ — The Rhythmm Room w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle 
    Oct 25 — OC — The Constellation Room w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 26 — Las Vegas — The Bunk House w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
    Oct 27 — Sacramento, CA — The Blue Lamp w/Nocando & Open Mike Eagle
  3. Busdriver @ Santos Party House (Live Review)


    LA’s Busdriver, a staple of the city’s underground scene for the past decade plus, came through Manhattan on the heels of his weirdest album yet, Beaus$Eros The record, a complete reimagining of the artist’s vocal cords released earlier this year via Fake Four Inc, chronicles a devastating breakup and the road to recovery. Playing the downstairs stage at Santos Party House, replete with a cheesy silver backdrop he compared to a stovetop popcorn container, Busdriver showed off the new record through the electro-pop sing-along of “Bon Bon Fire” and pensive, slow-building “Utilitarian Uses Of Love.” On the latter track, Busdriver croons “This freedom it tastes funny / I am a case study,” outlining some downer content to come juxtaposed with head-nodding uptempo production. Belgian producer Loden supplied all the beats on his latest post-rap effort, providing necessary cohesion for Busdriver to dissect his heartache and get some ugliness off his chest.

    The biggest cheers of the evening came from the Project Blowed emcee’s back catalogue. “Avantcore,” a title poking fun at sub-genre classification, was a welcome Fear Of A Black Tangent addition to the setlist. There were some remarkably rhythmically-challenged individuals in the audience and their spastic awkwardness peaked dramatically when the meandering flute of “Imaginary Places” kicked in. Perhaps they were being ironic. As we were leaving the venue, a friend suggested this particular Santos crowd was the most eclectic he had ever witnessed at a rap show. From the artists in the house such as Despot and Dapwell to the mother and daughter rocking out to the elderly gentleman dead center with a dance routine straight out of a Tim and Eric Awesome Show sketch, I’m inclined to agree.

    A couple tracks from Busdriver’s Flash Bang Grenada side project found their way into the atmosphere despite his partner-in-rhyme Nocando being absent. The shit-talking “Moisturizer” showcased Busdriver’s clever lyricism and comedic sexual innuendo. “Two Track Mind” ran a similar route while displaying his ever-improving singing chops. Many were caught off guard by the abundance of singing and vocoder on Beaus$Eros, but love it leave it, one must give credit to Busdriver for boldly taking a chance that risked alienating his fanbase and ultimately resulted in a record label dropping him.

    Busdriver’s chameleon delivery dropped jaws on the elastic, piano-laden verses of “Me Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsest),” a standout from the Jhelli Beam LP. He is often regarded as the world’s fastest rapper and large sections of his Wednesday night performance stood as evidence. And unlike the tongue-twisters of yesteryear (e.g. Twista and Bone Thugs N Harmony), Busdriver brings substance and hilarious cultural commentary to go along with the parlor tricks. Unfortunately for him, much of his genius was lost to Santos’ subpar sound system, resulting in breathless tangents and pop culture witticisms being lost in the mix.