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  2. Today Chicago MC Serengeti releases the C.A.B. EP, the final chapter of his 2009-2011 recording sessions with Jel and Odd Nosdom in Berkeley, sessions that also produced the Kenny Dennis EP and C.A.R. LP.

    C.A.B. is available for free download now via Anticon’s Bandcamp.


    The Killer Deacon, Kenny Dennis, doesn’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows. He is a one-man Contra code, a GPS with a Ditka stache. The brilliance of Serengeti’s character is that he captures both the best and worst in all of us. The immense local pride, passionate love for his wife Jules, and lightning speed. He is a slave to his quick temper and collective animus towards Shaquille O’Neal. He is if Ron Swanson meets Andy Kauffman. Even Thom Yorke understood when he called “Directions” total genius.

    This is the video for “Directions” taken from the Anticon-released, Kenny Dennis LP. The instrumentals are also available now for the low cost of a bottle of O’Douls.

    via passion of the weiss

  4. JEL - "LATE PASS"

    As a co-founder of Anticon Records and a known architect of indie-rap’s more left-field beat structures, Jefferey “Jel” Logan should have had his day in the sun by now, but his is the producer’s lot, and he’s okay with it. “I’m not falling the fuck off. I’m not getting super large. I’m doing my thing,” says the Chicago-bred, Oakland-based artist via statement. And indeed he is. Though Jel’s leant his drum-punching skills to countless records and remixes on his own (Peeping Tom, Sleigh Bells, Serengeti) and as a member of various projects (Deep Puddle Dynamics, Themselves, Subtle), the just-released Late Pass is only the man’s third album.

    But while young bucks flood the airways with beat tape after beat tape, one listen to the LP’s titular track makes the case for patience as a virtue. “Late Pass,” the song, features the crunched drums of boom-bap classics, the siren sonics of Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad, dubbed out shards of shimmering guitar, and the paranoiac mutterings of Jel himself. It’s a track made from record scratch and mashed MPC buttons, not to mention a little magic courtesy of collage master and co-producer Odd Nosdam. Late Pass landed on August 20 and is available via Anticon.

    via spin

  5. mikeeaglestinks:

    SERENGETI - “Peekaboo” (by anticon.)

    new @serengetidave video

  6. Serengeti - Amnesia

    Serengeti is easily one of the most likable dudes in modern music. Everything he puts out is either poignant, funny, or a combination thereof. Plus he’s got mad handles, as the Paul Matian-directed video for “Amnesia” will attest to. The track comes from the Jel and Odd Nosdam-produced C.A.R., set to drop July 31 on anticon. Geti will be touring in support of the record beginning August 24 alongside labelmates WHY? and Doseone. If that lineup rolls through your town and you pass it by, you probably deserve everything bad that happens to you in this life.


    08-24 – Columbia, MO – The Blue Note *&

    08-25 – Norman, OK – Opolis *&

    08-26 – Santa Fe, NM – SOL @ Santa Fe Brewing *&

    08-27 – Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom *&

    08-28 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex *#

    08-30 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall ^*#

    08-31 – Arcata, CA – Arcata Playhouse *#

    09-01 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom *#

    09-02 – Seattle, WA – Bumbershoot Festival

    09-03 – Boise, ID – Reef *%

    09-04 – Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue *%

    09-05 – Englewood, CO – The Gothic *%

    09-06 – Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room *%

    09-07 – Lawrence, KS – The Granada *%

    09-08 – Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center ^*%

    09-09 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall ^*%

    09-10 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom ^*%

    09-11 – Ithaca, NY – The Haunt^*+

    09-12 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East^*+

    09-13 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Of Williamsburg ^*+

    09-14 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer ^*+

    09-15 – Durham, NC – Motorco Music Hall ^*+

    09-16 – Asheville, NC – Grey Eagle ^*+

    09-17 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl ^*+

    09-18 – Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge ^*+

    * w/Serengeti

    ^ w/Doseone

    & w/DJ Tony Trimm

    # w/dj sodapop

    % w/Jel (DJ Set)

    + w/DJ Thanksgiving Brown

  7. Serengeti - "Talk to Me" (prod. by Jel & Odd Nosdam)


    After releasing his Kenny Dennis EP and collaborating with Sufjan Stevens & Son Lux as s / s / s, Chicago’s Serengeti shares “Talk To Me”, forthcoming on the C.A.R. LP produced by Jel & Odd Nosdam out July 31 on Anticon.

  8. Serengeti - "Amnesia"


    It happened in Berkeley. There was a beat. Then there were rhymes. Then cuts. Three dudes came together to do what they do best — lay it down, kill shit, make an album. And that’s what C.A.R. is: a record of the work that went down at three points between the dawn of 2009 and the close of 2011 at a place called Burnco, the cottage studio of Anticon aural wizard Odd Nosdam. Chicago rapper Serengeti was in town crashing on Jel’s couch (that’s it on the cover), and each day he and his beat-making host would grab a cup of joe and hoof it over to Nosdam’s. Two would chill in the backyard while the third did his thing. One would mellow in the backyard while the two did their thing. Three would cool out in the backyard while listening to their thing. Each man a master of his field, they trusted each other to make the songs good, and they are. C.A.R. fits together just right. Eleven tracks, one interlude, twenty-nine and a half minutes. WHY?’s Yoni Wolf co-produces a song. Dee from Thee More Shallows helps out on another. Daddy Kev mastered the thing. Jel rapped once, scratched a ton of wax, and co-produced the beats with Nosdam, who mixed it too. Geti rhymed a bunch. They had fun. They made C.A.R. You can have it.

    Serengeti: “Amnesia”

    via pitchfork

  9. Serengeti - Don’t Blame Steve

    If Death was personified by a Cubs fan, he’d be wearing a turtleneck and headphones, and his name would be Steve Bartman. He’s the guy who reached beyond the ivy for a foul ball, interfered with the outstretched glove of a Cubs outfielder, and seemingly shattered the team’s World Series hopes once and for all. Well, for that season at least. Almost 10 years later, mentioning his name is the surest way to set a Cubs fan’s blood to boil, which is why it’s pretty gutsy—and hilarious—for Chicago rapper Serengeti to release a song and video in Bartman’s defense.

    Serengeti is known for going out on a limb—he raps about Chicago sports and Polish sausage as if he’s the missing member of Bill Swerski’s Superfans—so it’s not surprising to see him here as mustachioed alter-ego Kenny Dennis, rapping on Chicago rooftops and hanging out in front of the Friendly Confines while broadcasting trivial MLB name-drops and his singular, Chicago-centric plea: “Don’t blame Steve.”
    The track is from Serengeti’s new Kenny Dennis EP, out now on Anticon.

  10. Serengeti - Kenny Dennis EP (Review)


    Released by anticon.

    Serengeti has followed up one of 2011’s most moving records, Family and Friends, with the absurdist tale of Kenny Dennis. Written from the perspective of Serengeti’s 45-year-old white alter ego, a bratwurst-gorging, sports-crazed Chicagoan, the Kenny Dennis EP is well-crafted, hilarious escapism. On “Rib Tips,” Kenny tells the story of his hard-working younger brother, Tanya, jumping out of birthday cakes and dancing for gentlemen in little shorts with an umbrella. He also emphatically points out that “Tanya had to make a living…you can’t judge Tanya!”

    Perhaps the greatest character trait of the straight-shooting Kenny is his passion for O’Douls, which he drinks for the love of its taste, not because of any alcohol problems. The knee-slapping “Shazam” is Kenny’s fiery diss track to Shaquille O’Neal over an onstage slight from 1993. Allegedly Shaq, at the time signed to the same label housing Kenny’s group tha Grimm Teachaz, made fun of Kenny’s mustache at a Jive Records showcase. Whether or not this happened is irrelevant in the context of the diss track, replete with ’90s basketball references, surfacing two decades after the incident.

    The Los Angeles transplant Serengeti is a multifaceted dude, as evidenced by this bizarre character study and his side project s/s/s (alongside Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux), which dropped earlier this month. The stellar production on Kenny Dennis comes courtesy of anticon’s Jel and Odd Nosdam, who add shimmering layers to the shits and giggles.

  11. The Delta Mirror - It’s Dark And I Welcome The Calm (Busdriver Remix)

    The Delta Mirror have a new remix project available for free download from Lefse Records. The album features the talents of Busdriver, Blue Sky Black Death, Alias and Odd Nosdam just to name a few.

    1 - going to town - Swingset Committee 
    2 - a song about the end - Blue Sky Black Death 
    3 - he was worse than the needle he gave you - Alias 
    4 - going to town - Gangi 
    5 - and the radio played on - Steve Nalepa 
    6 - it’s dark and I welcome the calm - Healamonster & Tarsier 
    7 - going to town - Adam Borecki 
    8 - he was worse than the needle he gave you - Kordan 
    9 - hold me down just don’t let me go - Thriftcar 
    10 - and the radio played on - City Light 
    11 - malpractice - The Ropes 
    12 - it’s dark and I welcome the calm - Busdriver 
    13 - going to town - Bomarr 
    14 - a song about the end - Odd Nosdam 
    15 - hold me down just don’t let me go - White Flowers 
    16 - he was worse than the needle he gave you - Blue Sky Black Death 
    17 - and the radio played on - The Shimmies