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  1. Eskmo Announces New Welder Album

    welder web cover

    Brendan Angelides, aka Welder, is a California based artist more widely known in the music community as Eskmo. With releases under the latter guise on the labels of Ninja Tune, Warp and Planet Mu, he has gained notable transatlantic recognition from the likes of BBC Music (“mind-melting invention…”), URB (“Simply destroys the soundsystem..”) and FACT (“Fascinating example of the intersection of organic and electronic.”) amongst many others. 

    Ancestor Media is the label he created as an outlet for his own personal creative endeavors. Past Ancestor releases include his collaboration with Amon Tobin entitled simply Eskamon,and the well-received Eskmo EP Hypercolor. His “Agnus Dei” track was featured on CSI: Miami in 2009 as well as an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

    Welder explores a different side of the sonic and emotional spectrum. Florescence is Brendan’s 2nd album under this persona (the first being a low key release in 2006 entitled Vines and Stream on Cyberset; a local SF based label.) While Eskmo traverses hi fi, twisted and bright outward explorations, Welder paints with washed lo fi instrument based ingredients, organic and digital. Weathered piano, warm strings, vintage drums, mandolins, synths and electric bass color the album. All the songs have a noticeable focus on recording room environments and the imperfections in the recording process, resulting in a very human, introverted yet gently playful experience.  

    Written over the period of December 2010 to March 2011 after some major life shifts and emotional upheavals, the album marks a distinct step in the maturing of Angelides’ secondary yet equally important music persona.  


    1. Run 

    2. Yellow Yellow

    3. L…Carousel…C

    4. Japan

    5. Rusten Sienna

    6. I Still

    7. Be My Light

    8. Skybend

    9. Florescence

    10. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 

    11. Winter In the Hills

    Welder: “Run” (2011) by Welder

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