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  1. The Mommyheads - Science and Reason (URB Premiere)


    The soothing indie rock melody of “Science and Reason” is emblematic of The Mommyheads’ expansive trajectory over 20+ years and eight albums of existence. The song is taken from Vulnerable Boy, a record featuring everything from piano ballads to prog-rock, set to drop July 17 on Dromedary Records.

    vulnerable boy

    Vulnerable Boy Tracklisting:

    1. On a Clear Night

    2. Gimme Silence

    3. Science and Reason

    4. Medicine Show

    5. My Intruder

    6. Skinny White Uptight

    7. Devastate Me

    8. Right Where They Should Be

    9. Force of Will

    10.Out on the Cliffs

    11. Silent Age

    12.Bleed From a Glass

    13.No One Gives A Damn About Your Band